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Beton imprimé Monaco, Nice, Cannes : is a monolithic floor without joints, it does not require structural screeds or containment berms. Once the base is prepared, the concrete can be poured on directly and will be stamped subsequently with the theme, decoration and colour chosen by the customer. A solid floor that is long lasting which is also easy to clean thanks to the application of polyurethane resins and can be made for floors destined for any use: garages, terraces, parking lots, bike paths, also available at a thin layer density.

A floor of great scenic effect and available in all shapes and colours, applied in a thick or thin layer. Solid and heavy duty, suitable for all weather conditions, it retains its natural characteristics even over time and without high maintenance costs. Easy and economical, it can also be applied on fresh concrete, especially when it comes to small areas. You will be able to give vent to your creativity thanks to the combination of natural stones, river stones and fine marble.

Organic and natural finish for interiors, simply composed of silk and cotton to give your walls a more refined and elegant touch. Chemical-free but with high heat and sound insulation, it can be applied without necessarily repairing the part underneath, with no crack formations, no difference between old and new even after it has been renovated. Ideal for interiors and with a wide range of designs and colours.

Polyurethane, epoxy and polyester resin coatings, allow your floors and surfaces to remain beautiful over time with sealant and waterproofing effects. Thanks to the intervention of specialised operators, you can achieve perfect results.

Allows you to save on demolition costs and the disposal of your old floor and to renew it with a thickness of up to 20 mm. Waterproof, wear and abrasion resistant.

Spray Deck is an innovative product which is sprayed on pre-existing cement supports and generates very hard, anti-slip surfaces that are decorated and coloured with colours which resist over time.

It is a product that gives the possibility of creating a low density floor (even just one cm) composed of natural gravel and a special resin with a particular drainage feature, that fixes an abrasion to the stones, creating a durable surface of high aesthetic effect and resistance, excellent for swimming pools, gardens, porches, driveways.

It is an ideal product to reproduce natural elements such as fake rocks, waterfalls, trees, vertical surfaces, skirting boards, wall surfaces subject to knocks, ideal for use in public settings such as thematic premises, gardens and parks.

It is an innovative two component product to renew existing concrete and tiles surfaces, with an high resistence and a low thickness.
This special mixture combines the best properties of each component into a product that has enhanced adhesion, superior freeze thaw resistence, increased wear and abrasion resistance.
Is recommended for resurfacing, interiors and exterior cementitious topping. You can also obtain marble like effects.
Resistant to abrasion, fading and staining. excellent adhesion to clean, sound concrete surfaces, tiles quick redcoats time.
Economy and durable, atgtractive decorative finish.